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I chose to design writing utensils. I focused on three interconnected items: a ruler, a pencil, and an eraser.
I started by examining their purpose, the way they are held, and their function. When looking at the ruler, I examined which ways are most comfortable for us to mark a measure and which measurements we tend to use.  I noticed that certain measurements are more usable than other, less frequently used measurements. Therefore, I chose to emphasize the more usable measurements in the ruler, as well as in the pencil and the eraser, such that each of the utensils can be used as a measuring tool. As a result, a physical connection is formed between the ruler and the pencil, which relates them to one another. The measurements are manifested in the form of ridges on the surface of the utensil, so they are easier to notice and mark.  Similarly, the ridges and grooves created in the pencil allow for easy grip and stable use of the pencil.  The wooden casing that envelopes the eraser pays respect to the eraser, by turning it from a utensil that gets thrown in the pencil case and dirtied, to a beautiful utensil that one wants to have and preserve. The colors are used to mark millimetres.


עיפרון מקרוב.jpg
סרגל קרוב.jpg
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